Welcome to Therapy In Manchester

Therapy in Manchester provides a qualified and experienced psychotherapy and counselling service registered with the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists). We work with men and women in a professional, confidential and supportive environment from our therapy rooms in the centre of Chorlton, south Manchester.

About Psychotherapy and Counselling

People often turn to psychotherapy and counselling to make sense of unsettling experiences, troubling moods or habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This may include anxiety and stress, low moods and depression, addictions, phobias, rage, compulsions and obsessions, historical issues including abuse, as well as sexual and relationship difficulties.

Psychotherapy and counselling are also excellent ways for you to gain a better understanding of yourself – as a way to develop yourself personally and professionally. For more information please see our therapy matters page.

Our First Appointment

Our first appointment provides an opportunity for us to discuss what brings you to therapy. By the end of this hour-long meeting you will have an assessment of how psychotherapy and counselling can help you.

To arrange this first appointment please contact Paul Melia by phone or email, or visit our appointments page

phone 07592 340 211
or email  Paul.Melia@TherapyInManchester.co.uk

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