We are in the heart of Chorlton, close to Chorlton Metrolink Station (see map), and can usually offer a first appointment within seven days.

To book your appointment,
Phone: 07592 340 211

Price: £50 per appointment.
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer (BACS).


What to Expect

For some people the first session can be both exciting and stressful while others may feel calm and relaxed. Individual reactions differ although everything discussed is treated in confidence.

This hour-long consultation is with our therapist Paul Melia. It begins with him spending a few minutes talking about our service – confidentiality, for example. The remainder of the time is then given over to considering what brings you to therapy, the themes or issues you are wanting to address.

During the meeting a fuller picture will emerge and you may also become aware of other things that were not previously on your mind. By the end of this consultation Paul will have a better idea of what brings you to therapy and be in a position to advise you on how therapy can support you.

Book your appointment today,
Phone: 07592 340 211