Therapy in Manchester

Therapy in Manchester, Old Bank Street

Looking to begin counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis in Manchester city centre?

Established in 2011, my therapy practice is by St Ann’s Square.

I am experienced in working with a wide range of symptoms, including anxiety, panic and phobia, as well as low self-esteem, sadness and depression.

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Therapist Paul Melia

Paul Melia Psychotherapist
I am a qualified therapist and established Therapy in Manchester in 2011.

I draw on two years work as a Counsellor for a leading private health care company, and two years work as Therapist for a North West charity.

I chair the North West Regional Psychotherapy Association.

Before qualifying in 2010, I was an Art Historian for 20 years, holding increasingly senior positions within UK universities…
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Every Therapy is Individual

Interior, Therapy in Manchester

People use my service for individual reasons

• because of life’s big events – a change of status perhaps brought about by a bereavement, becoming a parent or a change in employment

• because of day-to-day life – a pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour may have become troubling

• it might be due to a general mood that is difficult to put into words

• or symptoms such as anxiety, panic and phobia, as well as depression, low self-esteem, confusion, anger and trauma


Your First Appointment

For some people the first appointment can be both exciting and stressful while others may feel calm and relaxed.

Individual reactions differ though everything discussed is treated in confidence.

This hour-long appointment begins with me saying a few words about my service – confidentiality, for example.

The remainder of the time is then given over to considering what brings you to therapy…
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Booking Your First Appointment

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mobile: 07592 340 211

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Therapy in Manchester, Royal Exchange