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We are a well-established psychotherapy service meeting the one-off, short-term and longer-term therapy needs of adults. We can usually provide a first appointment within seven days.
Psychotherapy counselling working together

Psychotherapy and Counselling

People turn to us for individual reasons – sometimes because of life’s big events, other times because of day-to-day life. It might be due to a general mood that is difficult to put into words, or something quite specific: stress, anxiety, panic, depression, anger, difficulties with food, relationships… (continue reading)
Psychoanalysis speech


It can be extremely difficult to know what you don’t want, and finding out what you do want involves risk. Psychoanalysis can enable you to work things through. Your new weekly work out? Fee per weekly session, £50. Contact Paul Melia for further information or to arrange your first session.

Our Therapist Paul Melia

I am an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and practising psychoanalyst. I chair the North West Regional Psychotherapy Association and… (continue reading)

Your First Appointment

I begin the session by taking a few minutes to talk about the service – confidentiality, for example. The remainder of our time is then given over to considering what brings you to therapy… (continue reading)

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Contact Paul Melia today for further information or to book your first session. We deliver a confidential and supportive service.

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