Freeing Speech

Talking Therapy with Graham Norton, Orlando Bloom and Tamsin Greig

Outside of our awareness so much of our time and energy is spent routinely editing and censoring ourselves.

For example, how often have we heard someone say, I don’t wish to criticise you, but…?

We may well wonder why did they bother raising the matter only to deny it.

In therapy what we deny can be telling

Of course, despite routine censorship our speech sometimes frees itself anyway, although it often goes unnoticed or appears as non-sense.

For example, in the video clip below Orlando Bloom says something about his father.

He then immediately edits himself only for Tamsin Greig to draw our attention to what he originally said.

Bloom then engages in a comic exaggeration, one of the effects of which is to minimise what he had originally said.

Of course, the comment about his father that slipped out may not necessarily be true, it may not tell things as they are.

What’s only been half-said in your life

We do not know since what Orlando Bloom said was only half-said.

Therapy can enable you to complete what’s only ever been half-said in your life, to hear what is particular to you, to sort it out as best you can, and to bear the consequences.

At Therapy in Manchester I invite you to begin each session by speaking freely about whatever is on your mind or comes to mind.

This may involve resisting the inclination to edit what you say, to give voice to anything – including passing thoughts – no matter how insignificant, irrelevant, arrogant, or embarrassing they may seem.


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