2019 Social Media Cards

We’ve introduced new cards for use on social media, and the feedback has been positive. Here’s a sample – let us know what you think!

Depression, Mourning and Melancholia

An Explosion of Depression? Google’s release in 2017 of the UK’s popular search terms led ITV News to claim, ‘Britain amongst the most depressed and anxious countries in the world.’     In an article based on figures from NHS Digital, also released in 2017, BBC News reported anti-depressants to be the most common treatment […]

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Freeing Speech

Talking Therapy with Graham Norton and Orlando Bloom At Therapy in Manchester, I invite clients to begin each session by speaking freely about what’s on their mind and what comes to mind. For some, this contrasts with their everyday speech in which emphasis is placed on being clear and sticking to the point – this […]

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Therapy Words

Anxiety generally refers to both a state of mind (unease, apprehension, worry, fear) and bodily states (such as breathlessness, tension, nausea, dizziness). Anxiety can be free-floating and constant (generalised) or acute and temporary (panic). Anxiety is something we seek to avoid at all costs. Outside of our awareness, we develop symptoms that serve to protect […]

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